We are buddha fruit and our ambition is to help you reduce your sugar intake with our super wonderful fruit, lo han guo

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Golden Lo Han Guo

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Product Highlights

– 100% lo han guo

– All-natural, no other Ingredients added

– 25% Mogroside V which is about 150-200 times sweeter than sugar

– 322 Servings per packet, measuring spoon included

– Customer Review ”Finally a natural keto friendly sweetener that tastes great….

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Buddha Fruit’s golden lo han guo is an all-natural, zero calorie, sugar alternative. Lo han guo is also known as monk fruit as has been used for centuries by Buddhist Monks. The fruit is cultivated within the mountains of Guangxi, Southern China, in which it is then processed into a fine powder to use as a natural sugar alternative.

As golden lo han guo is about 150-200 times sweeter than sugar you will require a lot less. It is advised that 2 scoops (incl. in packet) is equal to 1 tsp of sugar. Check out our recipes page.

Whats the difference between lo han guo (the blue packet) and golden lo han guo (the orange packet)?

lo han guo is slightly sweeter compared to golden luo han guo as it contains a higher percentage of compounds called MogrosideV.

MogrosideV determines the sweetness of luo han guo, a bit like glucose molecules in sugar. The lo han guo is ground more than luo han guo which makes it more potent in sweetness and it appears as white in colour.
Golden lo han guo contains a lower percentage of MogrosideV, hence it is less sweet compared to lo han guo. It also has a slight fruity taste and is golden in colour.

Customer Reviews….

on June 3, 2018
Finally a natural keto friendly sweetener that tastes great. Believe me I’ve tried them all. Hate Stevia! I will be ordering it again.
on June 21, 2018
This is okay. It is sweeter than sugar but still not powerful enough to me to combat the bitterness of coffee but it might be the quality of my coffee. I tried it out but not sure I’d purchase again..
on August 1, 2018

Monk fruit extract is a good substitute for sugar, I use this in baking and like it. Just make sure not to put too much of it. there is a reason the spoon provided is so tiny. this 20 gram bag will last you a very long time so don’t worry about this being only 20gr, as you don’t need much to make your recipes sweet. Also good for beverages but very small amount goes a long way and will have better taste.

Also big plus is that this is made form a natural fruit and not synthetic.

Customer service is great and I got very quick reply to my questions from the seller part.





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