We are buddha fruit and our ambition is to help you reduce your sugar intake with our super wonderful fruit, lo han guo


Monk fruit extract is a good substitute for sugar, I use this in baking and like it. Just make sure not to put too much of it. there is a reason the spoon provided is so tiny. this 20 gram bag will last you a very long time so don’t

Awesome product ! great flavour , pure and natural.. At first I thought to myself , I paid how much for this! Then when u realize how little of it u need to get the sweetness it is like WOW! this is going to last me a year. I find

This is the best brand of monk fruit available. Taste quality is always consistent. For those out there who’ve never tried monk fruit, the taste takes a little getting used to but this brand always has the same quality which makes it easier to get used to. Also try mixing