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I’m confused, what should I be eating?

I’m confused, what should I be eating?

It’s an ever changing world out there, one minute fats bad for us then it’s good, we shouldn’t be eating red meat, then we should. More recently coconut oil has been branded as ‘poisonous’ by the media, this was only a few weeks ago. Then today I read in the paper that cooking rice with coconut oil slashes 60% of calories and is great for weight loss (apparently so, read here if you haven’t seen this latest news story). I thought I was indecisive but the media seem to be on another level. All of this indecisive reporting leaves us scratching our heads and asking ‘what should i be eating?’.


It’s true, don’t believe what you read in the media, it’s a circus out there and these articles are only out there to grab your attention, and annoyingly they do. However we need to realise that some of these statements are not entirely true or are not true for everyone.


Listen to your body & what works for you.

What we really need to start doing is listening to ourselves and figuring out which foods work for you and which don’t. It’s all down to taste preference, lifestyle choice and how foods interact with our minds and bodies. It can take years to fully understand how your body interacts with different foods, and even then we still won’t really know.

I’ll give you a personal example, you may have heard at some point that ‘we shouldn’t eat bread as gluten is bad for us’ or ‘bread makes us fat’. Now suddenly we’re all gluten intolerant or terrified to eat bread. For me when I eat certain types of bread I get that bloating stodgy feeling but it’s not because of the gluten necessarily. The reason is actually because of how the bread has been made. Certain breads contain ingredients to help preserve their shelf-life and when I use to consume these breads I felt like this.

However, when I eat fresh bakery bread I don’t feel like this and also not forgetting the taste is waaayyyy better and that smell, ‘mmmmm’. That’s not to say that if I over indulged on the fresh, bakery bread that I wouldn’t feel like I’m in a bread filled coma. However if I eat 1 or 2 slices of this type I don’t feel like this.  Just remember also this is a personal experience of mine, of course this won’t work for those who are gluten intolerant.


It’s all about moderation.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s all about moderation and establishing what works for you and what doesn’t. It can take years to understand how our bodies react to certain foods and even then we still probably won’t fully understand. We all work in a different way, each and every one of us are mechanically made differently, it’s what makes us all interesting. We all know that somebody who can eat everything and anything and still not gain weight and for some of us this doesn’t quite work.


So I guess the morale to this blog post is to not get sucked into fad diets and take what you read in the paper with a very large pinch of salt.


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