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Calories: Why I’m not a fan of calorie counting

calorie counting and monk fruit

Calories: Why I’m not a fan of calorie counting

Calorie counting, is it always needed?

You may take a look at the headline for this blog post and presume that I’m going to totally eradicate calories, which I’m not. Personally I just don’t believe in the whole counting calories and throughout I will explain my reasons why. Of course everyone is subjective to their own opinions so I would expect a mixture of reactions.


First of all let me give you a scenario, you have to eat 1,000 calories of French fries each day for a week or 1,000 calories of broccoli each day. Which scenario would you expect to gain weight? Realistically it would be a hard slog to eat that much broccoli each day, but it’s easy to say you would most probably gain weight with the French fries option. We need to also consider the nutritional content of these food, and from this you would expect to be more well nourished with the broccoli option.

Exchange time spent logging calories for a 20 minute HIIT session?

As a nation we’ve been fixated with counting calories, I myself have been there, done that. I use to log my food into one of those Apps everyday. For me it was tedious. In the time it took me to log my food I probably could have done a 20 minute HIIT session to help burn off the food I ate. For everyone it’s different, some people like to track what they eat, I’m not saying it’s wrong, but counting calories, macros and micros is just not for me.


Nutritional value of Lo Han Guo vs other Natural Sweeteners

Lo Han Guo has Zero calories but so do other sweeteners. The difference between Luo Han Guo and other sweeteners is the nutritional value and how these interact with your body. In a previous blog post I wrote about how exactly other sweeteners affect your health (click to read here), but in summary most will cause gastrointestinal distress, overeating and chemical imbalances. Whereas Lo Han Guo has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the risk of certain diseases. This is the same for a whole host of other foods out there; some foods contain hardly any calories but contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals. On the flip side, certain foods are high in calories but contain very little or no nutritional value whatsoever.


By no means become discouraged about counting calories, if it works for you in achieving your goals then keep going! The purpose of this blog is to help make us more aware of what foods we are all consuming. Is the food you are eating empty calories and by this I mean does it have any nutritional value, and by nutritional value I mean valuable properties to your health.

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